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How your donation helps create a food secure Michigan

Your donation has a real impact! Michigan food banks have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to provide emergency food to fellow Michiganders. They have increased food distribution by a staggering 73% from 2.6 million pounds of food to 4.5 million pounds of food per week.  This fall, we expect those numbers to climb another 15% with an additional 667,000 pounds per week.

Every $1 donated equates to 5 meals. No donation is too small, and every dollar counts. Help us make an impact TODAY!

Michigan Food Banks provide emergency food to Michiganders
Michigan Food Banks provide emergency food to Michiganders
1.3 million Michiganders don’t know the source of their next meal.
345,130 kids in Michigan face hunger. That’s enough to fill the Spartan Stadium nearly five times.
One in seven seniors is at risk for hunger
1 in 5 kids in Michigan live in poverty.